Brendan Meyer

I believe that the future of our city depends on working together today! My plan is to not only listen to those who speak up and are active in our community, but to seek out and encourage those without a voice. I'd pledge to reach out and talk to those on the ground; people doing the real work of keeping Port Angeles moving forward.

  • Increase transparency of our local government
  • Strong belief in the constitution.
  • Support our children to ensure their future bright!
  • Public Outreach to help come up with creative practical solutions
  • Against frivolous spending
  • Our Parks should be beautiful
  • Address the Homelessness
  • Lower property Taxes
  • Giving Downtown what it needs to grow
  • Supporting the Police/Fire and EMS
  • Community Outreach
  • Year-Round Economy
  • Affordable Housing
  • Climate Action
  • Living Wage Jobs